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The town situated in the Langhe region of Piemonte probably dates back to the Gallic-Celtic era and in fact was once part of the territory of Julius Ceasar. The main square itself has stunning views all over the Monferrato.

A festival is held on the 26th April to celebrate a miracle that occurred between 19th and 26th April 1675 which gave the sight back to a local young girl.

The town itself is of reasonable size and as such as a good range of shops, restaurants, banks and bars.

Castiglione Tinella has a population of 848 and is situated 408 metres above sea level.

Distances to:

Savona ( Ligurian Coast) 89km - 91mins

Genova 138km - 98mins

Milano 145km - 100mins

Torino 86km - 72mins

Ski Resort (Frabosa) 90km - 91mins

Alba 22km - 29mins

Asti 29Km - 31mins

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