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Clavesana is a town situated in the Langhe region of Piemonte and is an ideal location for fishing enthusiasts with the Smeraldo lake located next to the old cotton mill. The town boasts panoramic views from the hills of Surie and Gligliani where one on a clear day one can see from the start of the Maritime Alps as far as Mount Blanc, Cervino, to Mount Rosa.

The Wine growers co-operative of Dolcetto of Clavesana is very important to the local economy of the area where many local farms send dolcetto grapes produced by local vineyards.

Important dates to the area include the Festa Della Visitazione in July, the Festa Di S.Anna in and the Festa Madonna Della Neve in August and the Festa Dell'Addolorata held in September.

Clavesana has a population of approximately 860 and is situated 265/600 metres above sea level.

Distances to:

Savona (Ligurian Coast) 71km - 50mins

Genova 122km - 81mins

Milano 184km - 130mins

Torino 81km - 58mins

Ski Resort (Frabosa) 33km - 35mins

Alba 35km - 36mins

Asti 63Km - 58mins

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