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Mombarcaro is a town situated in the Alta Langa region of Piemonte and is located on top of a hill with outstanding views reaching until the Ligurian coast. The town itself maintains its medieval layout with narrow and winding lanes while the landscape is dominated by woods making it an ideal location for a walking or trekking holiday.

Places of note include the restored castle which dates back to 1221, the old Parish Church of Saint Andrea which includes several 16th century frescoes and the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Acqua Dolce which dates back to the 13th century. The Festa Di Santa Anna takes place in July.

Mombarcaro has a restaurant, shop and bar.

Mombarcaro has a population of approximately 312 and is situated 896 metres above sea level.

Distances to:

Savona (Ligurian Coast) 51km - 48mins

Genova 102km - 79mins

Milano 224km - 143mins

Torino 110km - 88mins

Ski Resort (Frabosa) 52km - 59mins

Alba 41km - 48mins

Asti 65Km - 77mins

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