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Neive consists of two parts, the old rich, with artistic monuments, and a more modern part developed in recent times, first along the course of the old "Via Aemilia Scauri" and from 1865 around the railway station.

The old part of the town stills keeps its medieval roots rich in architecture and includes the small churches of San Rocco and San Sebastiano. The modern part of the town hosts a full range of facilities including shops, banks and bars.

Neive is proud to produce some of the best wines in the Langhe including four D.O.C.G. wines, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato.

Neive is 308 metres above sea level and has a population of approximately 3000.

Distances to:

Savona ( Ligurian Coast) 123km - 91mins

Genova 87km - 71 mins

Milano 147km - 99mins

Torino 87km - 71 mins

Ski Resort (Frabosa Soprana) 92km - 82 mins

Alba 13km - 16mins

Asti 25Km - 27mins

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